Low dose botanically blended pre-rolls.

Adventures in botanics

A curated blend of sun-grown cannabis and globally inspired botanicals, we created our pre-rolls to be shared among friends. They’re expertly crafted to be unlike anything you’ve ever tasted and deliberately low dose so you're always in the room. From overdue hangouts to everyday adventures, they’re for any time you want to let loose and connect. It all comes down to doing what you enjoy with people you like. Here’s to the good times – long may they roll.

Hand rolled by Drew. Hand delivered to you.

Statewide delivery now available in CA—whether you’re chilling at home or en route to the party!

Aromatic explorations

Cannabis brings the vibes. Botanicals have the flavor. We’ve brought the two together to create the most beautiful pre-rolls you’ve ever tasted. Sourcing flavors and aromas from the far corners of the globe, we aren’t afraid to craft unlikely pairings to create something totally original.

The easy-going

A simple concept with a brilliant result. Combining cannabis with botanicals keeps the potency down and allows you to enjoy your experience just how you like. A new take on an old social ritual, they’re low dose to keep you grounded, engaged, and immersed in the moment.

Californian sun-grown cannabis

When it comes to cannabis, we’re very picky. All our flower comes from a small family farm in Mendocino County, CA, where it’s grown organically. Never shake or trim, we only use whole buds that are sun-grown and hand harvested. Having known our growers for years, we worked together to create a specific blend of sativa-forward hybrid cannabis that’s rich in natural terpenes and cultivated for an uplifting, social, low-anxiety high.

Who’s Drew Martin?

From hopping trains out of Chang Mai to working on a cannabis farm, Drew Martin is an herbalist, James Beard award-winning mixologist, and wanderer. For centuries, the ritual of rolling and smoking cannabis has created a strong connection between people all over the world. In a quest to make the most potent strains possible, modern cannabis culture seems to have let this connection take the backseat. Drew made it his mission to change this.

Pre-Rolled but Never Pre-Defined