The Basics
The Pre-Rolls


The Basics

What is a botanically blended pre-roll?

Blend premium cannabis flower with aromatic botanicals into a single pre-roll and voilà!— a flavor-driven, naturally low dose pre-roll. It’s the charred citrus and hibiscus margarita you’ve been asking for in a bar that seems to only serve straight tequila shots. Drew Martin pre-rolls are like craft cocktails.

What do they taste and smell like?

In one word, amazing! The blends are highly curated and balanced by Drew Martin—an award-winning mixologist with a knack for flavor and an enthusiasm for good times. He’s created four distinct blends, each carefully designed for maximum flavor appeal and aroma, shaped by their respective botanicals. Expect sweet, expect sour, expect floral, expect intrigue. For a deeper dive, check out the tasting notes for each blend on our product pages.

How can I stay up-to-date?

Let’s keep in touch! Keep the good times rolling with event invitations, new product releases and the occasional playlist by subscribing below. You can also stay in touch on Instagram @drewmartinco or shoot Drew an e-mail at hello@drewmartin.co.

How old do I need to be to buy a pack?

The state of California requires you to be at least 21 years old to purchase. We’re happy with that—cannabis should be for grownups anyway.

The Pre-Rolls

What’s my high like?

Combining cannabis with botanicals keeps the potency down and allows you to stay immersed in the moment. Expect about half the high you’d get from other joints. Ultimately you choose your own adventure, but what we can guarantee is more puffs with less high, more flavor experience and more engagement than you’d get from a traditional pre-roll. Augmenting and extending the experience is the name of our game.

How much cannabis is in each pre-roll?

Our primary focus is on guaranteeing the best flavor possible and our blends are adjusted accordingly, but our THC percentage always stays in the 8-10% range. Check out the sticker on the Drew Martin bag for the exact amount in your pre-roll.

What kind of cannabis do you use?

We worked super hard to dial in the perfect blend of cannabis. Working directly with an independent female farmer in Mendocino county, we use only sun-grown whole cannabis flower grown with organic practices and lots of love. We select sativa-hybrid strains to provide an easy-going, super social and low-anxiety high. Lastly, we ensure our strains are bursting with citrus and floral terpenes to complement our botanical blends.

What are terpenes?

They’re the molecules in plants that dictate flavor and aroma. They’re what make a lemon lemon-y, a pine tree pine-y, a peppercorn pepper-y, and of course, weed weed-y. Giving these magical molecules the spotlight they deserve lets us craft you the most beautiful pre-rolls you’ve ever tasted.

Where do the botanicals come from?

We prioritize working with organic small farms up and down the West Coast whenever possible; most of our botanicals are grown for us in WA state. The more exotic botanicals are sourced from their countries of origin. Expect your damiana to come from Mexico and your ginger from Peru. No greenhouses for us.

Will you introduce new flavors?

Absolutely! The beauty of our approach is that the possibilities are endless. And by having an award-winning mixologist and herbalist as your master curator, you can expect Drew to bring you new and exciting blends forever moving forward. Suggestions? DM us @drewmartinco. We’d love to hear from you.

What if I want to try one of each blend?

We’ve got you covered. Whether you want to try each flavor for the first time or simply enjoy a little variety in your life, you can choose The Collection to get all the blends in one box.

How can I be sure this is safe?

We are beyond passionate about doing things right and sourcing only the purest ingredients. All our ingredients are organically cultivated with a focus on sustainability and we’d never include anything artificial or synthetic. Thankfully, the state of California feels this way too and mandates incredibly stringent testing standards for all products, all of which we adhere to. If you have any specific questions, please send an email to hello@drewmartin.co and we’ll be happy to send you all our testing results.